TikTokers are tricking their family members into thinking they have terrible lip filler

Another day, another TikTok prank.

In the latest button-pushing trend, users are tricking their family members and significant others into thinking they got ridiculously bad-looking lip fillers.

In reality, they’re just gluing their top lips to the area above their mouths to make them appear bigger. The reactions have been as ridiculous as their faces.

Influencer Melissa Metrano asked her husband to give an “honest” reaction to her new “lip fillers,” and he immediately started laughing.


I completely lost it at the end 😂😂 His reaction was too funny!! #lipfiller #lipfillerprank #prank #reaction #marriedlife

♬ original sound – melissametrano

“Boy did they fill it,” he said.

When Brittany Xavier showed her husband what she did to get “the look,” he said it’s “the look of what, horses?” He was a bit brutal, but at least he was honest.


tried the lip filler prank on my husband…I almost lost it 💀😂 @anthony.xavier

♬ original sound – brittany.xavier

“Close your mouth,” Xavier’s husband said in the video. “That’s messed up.”

TikTok user iconiccpinkk played the prank on her sister and immediately admitted that it “went wrong.”

“You look like a freakin’ fish,” her sister said in the video. “It looks bad … let me pop it.”

Responses to the many prank videos have been positive.

“This is so priceless,” one commenter wrote.

“Go big or go home,” another said.

This is just another lesson in how important it is to surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth — even if the truth is that you look like a horse or a fish.

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