TikTokers dance along to K-pop hit ‘Cupid’ with trending CapCut template: ‘John Cena dancing to this song seems so wholesome’

John Cena is a WWE superstar, actor and the punchline to an internet meme. He’s all of these things while also being the center of a trending CapCut template. 

In 2017, Cena appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and played a game called the Whisper Challenge. The objective of the game was to guess what the other person said to them while listening to music in headphones. Cena put the headphones on and began to dance to the song, setting the foundation for this meme to exist.

Now, TikTokers are setting Cena’s dance to a sped-up version of FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” — which was posted in February by @c5won. The audio has over 4 million videos attributed with it, while the CapCut template of Cena dancing has nearly 200,000 uses. 

With a trending song and a trending template, TikTokers have had fun dancing along with Cena in every situation. 

“Me in the gym right before going into the most gruesome set of my life (pr or er),” said @poeticallyrizzed.

“When my boss makes me call someone and they don’t answer the phone,” wrote @callmebyyourcarl.

The combination of Cena and the song go hand in and hand, and users are loving it. 

“Idk why but John cena dancing to this song seems so wholesome,” said @theskyispretty.

The meme has also been used without FIFTY FIFTY’s song, as TikTokers are dancing to any music that comes on.

“When you find a burnt CD from middle school with no writing on it,” said @scottyhon3rbaum.

The most popular joke surrounding Cena for years has been that people couldn’t see him —  a play on his signature celebration dance. However, TikTokers are clearly seeing him dance around in this trend. 

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