TikTokers define music taste with Spotify Pie trend: ‘Taylor Swift is so valid’

Every December, Spotify users post their Spotify Wrapped, showing off their top songs, artists and genres of the year. 

Now, users can get a preview of their Spotify Wrapped with Spotify Pie — and TikTokers are taking full advantage of it. 

The newest TikTok trend is simple. Users post a picture of themselves with the caption “my Spotify Pie” and then show their results. 

Spotify Pie, made by Darren H (@drnhng), breaks down users’ music listening history into top genres and artists in a pie chart. 

As people show off the music they’re listening to, people in the comments are forming bonds over their favorite artists. 

“The 1975 supremacy,” said @bettercallrex.

“Taylor swift is so valid,” replied @ellie.c.anderson.

Not everyone has been proud to share the artists they’ve been listening to, redacting some of the names on the chart.

TikTokers use several sounds to present their Spotify Pie. One of the most popular sounds in this trend belongs to @bestspedup and an altered version of Tyler, the Creator’s “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS.”

Although the Spotify Pie is third-party, but TikTokers are fully embracing it — especially with a visually appealing tool like the Spotify Pie. 

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