TikTokers dress up for their enemies’ downfall: ‘I will be there no matter what’

TikTokers are dressing to the nines, preparing for the downfall of their least favorite people. 

The latest trend on TikTok is a simple two-part slideshow where users show a picture of someone (either themselves or a celebrity) dressed in a regular outfit with the caption, “Me at my wedding.” In the second picture, the subject is dressed up and prepared for someone’s downfall. 

These enemies can come from anywhere, as users have issues with several people in their lives — even if they don’t know them personally. Sports fans have been waiting for the downfall of their most-hated opponents, and now is their time to shine. 

Photo credit: @drk_paymon via TikTok
Photo credit: @drk_paymon via TikTok

“I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT,” said @dielitjoey.

Some TikTokers have issues with their professors and can’t wait for the day they can attend a low point in the professor’s life. 

“Praying for my TA’s downfall actually,” said @dangerouscat6969.

There were also several comments simply saying, “Real.” People are ready to see their teachers lose, and this trend is perfect for them.

Photo Credit: @feh69 via TikTok
Photo Credit: @feh69 via TikTok

The hate isn’t reserved for those outside your inner circle, as users are waiting on the downfall of people in their friend groups.

Photo credit: @lostinthesoss via TikTok
Photo credit: @lostinthesoss via TikTok

“It happened and was the best feeling of my life,” replied @vouchbrock.

From friends to professors to NBA teams, TikTokers have a lot of hate to get off their chests and want to be properly prepared when the time comes to let it out. 

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