TikTokers grew their own avocado tree using a pit

These TikTokers grew their very own avocado tree using just the pit and some water!  

The plant gurus behind TikTok account MT Planters (@mtplanters) posted a tutorial on how they managed to grow an avocado tree using just the pit from an avocado and water! The TikTok went viral with over 39 million views, and viewers were blown away by the superfood super-hack.

The first step is removing the pit, and allowing it to soak overnight in water. This makes peeling the pit a lot easier, according to MT Planters. Then, wrap the seed in a damp paper towel, and place it inside a sealable container. 

In about a month, the seed should sprout a tiny little root. But according to MT Planters, some pits can take longer to root. When your seed sprouts roots, place it on the top of a bottle or vase with the root side down. According to MT Planters, it’s essential that the roots are always submerged in water. 

Avocado plants make for a great addition to your windowsill, but if you’re looking for your new tree to start producing avocados, you’re going to have to be patient. It can take 5 to 13 years before your plant produces a full avocado

Whether or not they were willing to wait out a full harvest, many of the viewers were just happy to have a cute new plant to add to their collection. Plus, using an avocado pit to grow a plant is a much more sustainable use for it than throwing it away. 

“My new hobby will be growing avocados,” said one user. 

“Idk why but this makes me happy,” said another user. Maybe because it’s fun and good for the environment! 

Many comments warned viewers to have reasonable expectations, by sharing how long it’ll take for the plants to grow avocados. But some comments provided hope for those who were willing to wait it out.

“We did this 11 years ago and we have 2 trees in our yard that produce avocados now!” said one user. 

Based on this video’s viral views there might be 39 million new avocado trees in a few years. That’s a lot of guac! 

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