TikTokers pretend to fall from the sky with trending filter: ‘Why did I feel this in my stomach’

TikTokers are falling through their floors and plunging hundreds of feet below, simulating a skydiving experience, all because of this trending filter. 

The filter, called “A hole in the floor,” simulates that a piece of the floor below you is missing. Users can walk around it, get closer and examine it like a real hole. However, when the user taps the screen, they will fall through the hole. 

Falling through a hole in the ground might be scary to some, but some TikTokers are having fun taking the leap. 


Broo 😂 i aint have no choice but to jump threw #fyp

♬ original sound – Nyy Bandz 🔥 # LLDAREAPER 🩸🥺

“This me in my dreams,” said @angelbocard8.

“Y’all live in the clouds or something,” replied @unique..niya.

Some people have willingly jumped through the hole, but others haven’t had as good of a time as that. 

“I told my mom to walk using this filter,” said @keemokazi in his post. “She’s definitely scared of heights.”

Commenters easily related to the mother’s fear of heights.

“My fear of heights just activated,” said @alexandrathe7

The filter’s realistic nature has gotten to some people, as they have allegedly felt the real effects of the fake hole plunge.

“Why did I feel this in my stomach,” said @autumngfitness.

This filter was created by @leeklee06 nearly a month ago. Since then, over 1.4 million videos have used the AR template.

Whether they’ve been chasing their younger siblings or simply testing how real the filter looks, Tiktokers can’t get enough of this filter — and are virtually falling out of the sky because of it. 

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