TikTokers react to man’s alleged passive-aggressive video about his partner: ‘This is so messy’

TikTokers are going wild after being dropped into an alleged relationship fight brought about through stitched videos. 

TikTok user @jaynorman posted a video from his couch explaining what he defines as cheating.

“I don’t know which couples have to hear this, but if you’re in a relationship and you’re flirting with other people, that’s cheating,” he said. “If you engage in it and flirt back with [a stranger], that’s the cheating part.” 

Norman’s video has over 1 million views, and several people feel that he was talking to a specific person with his post. 

“Sounds like you know EXACTLY which couple needs to hear this,” said @mathieumyrick.

“Maybe you should talk with your partner about this boundary you need,” replied @carnival.organ.donor.”

His video then got an unlikely stitch from his partner, @fiona.gh, who shot her video in the same house and spot. 

“So now we’re communicating over TikTok,” she asked in her video, which has over 11 million views. 

After seeing their companion videos, TikTokers began to take sides. 

“I’m Team Fiona apparently,” said @jojodoinstuff.

“Sounds like you were flirting,” said @thedelilahfire.

There was also a section of people who recognized that having relationship drama through TikTok is a lot to handle. 

“Nah me personally I refuse to be communicated with over TikTok. That’s just me tho stay safe,” replied @juan_piece7

With the nature of these videos, TikTokers are also trying to figure out if this entire saga was a bit or not. Nevertheless, both @jaynorman and @fiona.gh have provided relationship tea for users to sip on. 

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