TikTokers show off their favorite childhood pictures in ‘things I ate’ trend: ‘I hit peak fashion at the ripe age of 4’

TikTokers are pulling out their virtual photo books and showing off their favorite pictures from their childhood. 

This trend is set to “Goodnight Sweet Possums” by Josh Powell. With that song playing, users show a picture of themselves now with the caption “things I ate” and then reveal a second picture from their younger days that they “ate.”

User @niaxain posted a photo of her participating in a viral “everybody say sausage, keep it going” video from several years ago. 

Photo credit: @niaxain via TikTok
Photo credit: @niaxain via TikTok

TikTokers were ecstatic to see a figure from that video. 

“ITS HER,” said @andrewbruck.

“You saved people. changed lives. you’re a hero babe,” replied @sugar.molasses.

“The infinity scarf era wow,, a different time,” said @dreamyandmemey42.

Even those who weren’t viral stars have been able to get their shine. 

Photo credit: @grandpashoes via TikTok
Photo credit: @grandpashoes via TikTok

“I hit peak fashion at the ripe age of 4”

“This is giving cam from modern family energy,” said @lex1111.

The audio for this trend has over 104,000 videos, but not all of them include humans. People have even extended the photoshoot to their pets

Photo credit: @onnikagoshornn via TikTok
Photo credit: @onnikagoshornn via TikTok

“She absolutely wiped the floor with the competition on this trend, such a beautiful kitty,” replied @jessica_hind2005.

From viral stars to furry friends, TikTokers have been able to take a walk down memory lane with this trend. 

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