TikTokers look confused at popular stores as a tactic for finding love: ‘It’s time to look confused in Sephora’

Some TikTokers struggling to find love have decided to search for their partner in a more unconventional way. 

Users are going to the stores they believe their perfect match will frequent. The game plan involves the experimenters showing up, looking confused and hoping that someone will approach them to help. 

“When the dating apps aren’t working out so it’s time to look confused in Home Depot,” said @slyviavanhoeven.

“I’ve always wanted a bob the builder bf,” replied @aselias_.

The soundtrack to this play for romance is a sped-up version of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better,” which was posted by @xxtristanxo in late 2022. Since then, the audio has accumulated over 413,000 posts, with several of those coming from this trend.


strategy is key fyp relationships simp

♬ kiss it better sped up – xxtristanxo

“When dating apps aren’t working so it’s time to look confused in Sephora,” wrote @daytonmoddernman in his post. 

While some people believe that showing up to the stores your potential match may visit is a good idea, there are some potential roadblocks — like people assuming you’re shopping for your significant other. 

“I’d immediately think you have a girlfriend,” replied @taneshacaswell

The video trend is new, but the act of showing up to certain stores to attract a partner is not.

“I used to work at Sephora and it’s so funny because a lot of gys are doing this, but we have a strict time limits so have to flirt in 15 min,” said @leachangkaew.

When it comes to love, this trend shows that TikTokers will do anything and go anywhere for love. 

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