TikTokers tell rude interrupters ‘I’m not finished’ with Tyler, the Creator meme

A clip from Tyler, the Creator’s 2016 video “THE GREATEST COOKING SHOW OF ALL TIME” is trending as TikTokers are losing patience and are simply asking to finish the job. 

In the YouTube video, Tyler, the Creator is making his version of Eggo waffles —  which includes butter and cinnamon as the toppings. While describing his reasoning for using these ingredients, his co-host tries to interject with her own commentary — much to the chagrin of Tyler, the Creator. 

“I’m not finished. …Oh my God. Can you let me do what I need to do,” he told her after she began to explain the process to the audience. 

He was frustrated in that moment, and TikTokers have felt the same way in different aspects of their lives. 


Girl, if you didn’t have to warm up that breakfast sandwich and coffee, we’d have more time #nursingstudent #jailnurse #nursetok #jailtiktok

♬ original sound – Murses John, JR, Ric, & Roland

“When you’re trying to give report to the next shift but you’re also trying to leave on time,” wrote @nursesbeyondbars.

All these people want to do is go home, but the next shift workers continuously ask questions. 

“Cause why they want to know every little detail… like just read the chart bro,” said @elloko_cris.

Sometimes, the frustration comes at home rather than at work. 

“When you’re arguing with your man & he keeps making valid points, so you purposely talk over him so he would sound less right,” said @imtatyannasamm.

This template currently has over 16,000 uses as a lot of TikTokers no longer want to be interrupted. 

Tyler, the Creator was ultimately able to finish making his waffles in the video, despite the hiccups. Hopefully, TikTokers can do what they need to do after using this template.

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