TikTokers yell ‘lucky me’ thanks to trending ‘Friends’ meme: ‘This is why you do the bare minimum

Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is popping up on For You pages across TikTok, as a CapCut template of the iconic character is trending

The scene comes from Season 5, Episode 5 of Friends where Ross (David Schwimmer) tells Rachel that his wife, Emily (Helen Baxendale), has banned him from seeing her. Ross then said that he and Rachel could still see each other briefly before Emily moved and enforced her wishes.

Rachel sarcastically screams, “Lucky me,” which has now become a meme TikTokers are using to show their false excitement for a myriad of topics. Green is already a popular figure on TikTok, with #rachelgreen amassing over 3.6 billion views. Now, with this template, that number is sure to climb higher. 

“When you’re born in the ‘best country in the world’ but don’t have universal healthcare, guaranteed paid leave, affordable housing, affordable child care, free college or good public transportation like other similar countries,” said @bananayalaz.

People are also bringing this attitude to work, especially when more items get thrown on their plate. 

“When you do your job so well, your boss asks you to do other people’s jobs too,” said @gnarlyoodles.

Getting more work as a reward for your hard work is something several viewers have experienced, which is why they’ve changed their approach.

“This is why you always aim to do the bare minimum,” said @4m44linn4.

Even when people have tried to help their friends find the silver lining in things, TikTokers are responding sarcastically. 

“At least you guys weren’t in an official relationship…should be easier to get over,” wrote @tatertottyhotty in her post.

The template, which was created by @xxmvrxx, currently has over 21,000 uses and is gaining more by the day. Rachel Green’s sarcasm is resonating with a lot of TikTokers and is helping them vent passive-aggressively. 

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