TikTok’s ‘Inspiration Queen’ Paris Fletcher shares 6 ways to stop draining habits

Paris Fletcher is an entertainer and the “Inspiration Queen” of TikTok. Fletcher basically makes quick videos to help keep you sane — like tips on how to quit self-sabotaging and how to start your self-love journey

In September, she dropped a handy video entitled “Four Habits That Drain Your Energy.” It included negative behaviors like dwelling on the past, taking things personally, harboring resentments and letting toxic people into your life.

Fletcher spoke with In The Know about six ways we can conserve our energy and break old habits that drain us.

1. Letting it go

“I always say that there’s power in letting go,” Fletcher told In The Know. “So when you let go of these [draining] habits you’re making space and room for things that matter. Like happiness and positivity. Instead of focusing and directing all of that energy into toxic habits, you’re able to redirect it into yourself.” 

2. Awareness

But you can only let go of your toxic habits if you can identify them in the first place.

“Awareness is huge,” Fletcher said. “You have to be like hyper-aware of your thoughts and what you’re thinking. A lot of us don’t even know that we’re going through these things, that we’re feeding into these habits, you know. Once I was aware of it, I was like oh my gosh, I need to stop. I need to stop.”

3. Journaling

Writing down your thoughts can make you more aware of how you feel.

“I love journaling out any situation that I’m going through because it allows me to open up on paper. I can read it and be objective about it and really see what’s going on in my mind,” she said. 

4. Meditating

But if you’ve got a racing mind or invasive thoughts, you may need some other techniques. 

“Meditation is a godsend. I love meditating. I’m a Cancer, first and foremost. So I overthink everything. I have a hard time quieting my mind so I did start off with meditation,” Fletcher said. 

5. Going to therapy

It’s OK if you need help and to seek it out if you’re struggling with issues you’re not sure how to overcome. 

“For those who aren’t able to kind of work on things ourselves or have a more difficult time doing that: therapy,” Fletcher said. “You know, going and talking to somebody and talking it out. Talking to someone you trust, you know and just hashing it out.” 

6. Facing problems head-on

However, self-reflection isn’t possible if we don’t confront our issues.

“I think all of us, in general, we need to be better about facing things head-on because a lot of times we go through these uncomfortable situations or things that don’t sit well with us and we don’t face it,” Fletcher said. “So then it starts festering and stewing within us. When you nip it in the bud, you cut off that power source to it.” 

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