TikTok’s latest prank has users wrapping wildly misleading presents

If you hear the song “Pennies from Heaven” on TikTok, you’re probably in for a wild surprise.

That’s because users are using the classic song, which was re-popularized by the 2003 film Elf, to pull off some wild holiday-themed pranks. The trend, which has spawned thousands of videos this holiday season, involves wrapping a present in the most “misleading” way possible.

Case in point: This clip from user @kennedy.br0wn. In her now-viral video, the teen showed how she wrapped a Nike sweatshirt to look like a literal chair.

“This legit took me 2 hours haha,” the TikToker captioned her post.


this legit took me 2 hours haha

♬ Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima

Commenters were completely blown away by @kennedy.br0wn’s stunt, in which she seemingly used cardboard rolls to construct a fake chair. Somewhere, along the way, she hid the Nike sweatshirt.

“How did you even do this?” one user asked.

“Best gift ever,” another added.

“I was NOT expecting that,” another wrote.

TikTok trends are full of oneupmanship though, and several users have tried their hands at similarly wild wrap jobs. One, named Nikki, seemed to turn a sweater into an entire picnic table. Another, named Jesús, claimed to wrap an Apple Watch into the shape of a ladder.


this took me forever 😭 ##Juixxe ##GiftWrap ##christmas ##dontletthisflop

♬ Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima

Several of the videos have drawn doubt from TikTok users, who have claimed that pranksters like Jesús simply wrapped a real ladder instead of “making” a fake one. As evidence, many commenters cited what looked like glimpses of metal in his finished product.

As for the song, pranksters seem to be using “Pennies from Heaven” due to its newfound association with the holidays. The track, written in 1936, originally had nothing to do with present-wrapping, but it seems to have taken on new meaning thanks to Elf’s status as a beloved Christmas movie.

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