TikTok’s latest recipe craze is this decadent donut dump cake

The latest viral star blowing up on Food TikTok is the decadent donut dump cake. 

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What’s a dump cake you ask?

Dump cake is different from just “cake” in that the wet ingredients aren’t combined with the dry cake mix. Instead, the wet and dry ingredients are “dumped” into a cake pan in layers — no mixing!

There have been tons of TikTok variations on the classic dump cake, but this one, um, takes the cake!

Janelle Elise Flom (@janelleelise) made a mouthwatering donut version of the dump cake in a TikTok that has unsurprisingly gone viral. Just watching it will make your sweet tooth ache. 

First she places a layer of glazed donuts on the bottom of a baking pan. 

Then she pours a whole can of evaporated milk on top, making sure to even get inside the donut holes. 

Next she adds a can of condensed milk, which has a thicker texture than the evaporated milk. 

She then dumps a box of dry vanilla cake mix on top and tops it off with lots and lots of butter. 

Next is a trip to the oven at 350°F for 30 minutes and the dessert creation no one asked for is ready to eat. The result is maybe enough calories to last you a lifetime, though we wouldn’t recommend it! 

One commenter said, “My arteries clogged just watching this.”

Others criticized the final product noting, “Pretending it’s delicious while I can still see the dry cake mix.”  Whoops! We’re sure Gordon Ramsay would have a few choice words about that. 

Another wisely noted, “The donut by itself now seems healthy.” Very true! If you don’t plan on making this recipe, at least let it make you feel good about the amount of sugar you do eat in comparison. And if you do plan on making this uber-sweet dessert, you might wanna book a dentist appointment soon after. Just sayin’. 

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