TikTok’s new ‘dance challenge’ prank has users accidentally vibing out

TikTok users are no strangers to a dance challenge. But dancing on accident? That’s a different story.

The app’s latest viral prank has users tricking their friends, parents and significant others into “vibing out,” all thanks to a user named Tyler Price. Price, who seems to have invented the dance challenge stunt, shared the idea in early September.

In the caption of his video, Price explains that he asked his girlfriend to close her eyes and duck under his arm. The task seems simple enough, but when synced with some funky music, it becomes totally different.


@novainthenight was doing her best okay. At least she tried. ##dance ##dancechallenge ##comedy ##newgirl ##repost

♬ original sound – Tyler Price

As his girlfriend starts waving back and forth under his arm, Price waits for the beat to drop. Then, he starts dancing himself.

Basically, the wholesome prank is a great way to trick someone into joining. a dance party — and to see how long it takes for them to realize what’s going on. That idea seemed exciting to thousands of TikTok users, many of whom commented that they couldn’t wait to try it themselves.

“Gotta try this,” one user wrote.

“Just so you know, this is my favorite video of all time,” another added.

“This is so cute,” another wrote.

Soon, other TikTokers began trying out the prank themselves — using the same audio as Price — and the accidental dance challenge became a full-on trend.



♬ original sound – Tyler Price

Price’s original clip has now been viewed nearly 840,000 times, and his audio has now been used in 280 videos — so it’s clear plenty of TikTokers are getting a kick out of the prank.

Just to be clear, this trend does not take away anyone’s ability to have a dance party on purpose. Those are still allowed, too.

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