TikTok users say using a mysterious song in videos has life-changing results

TikTokers believe if you save this song into your drafts you’ll instantly have good luck. 

Yeah, it kind of sounds like old-school chain mail. But people swear that right after they saved “Time in Oblivion” by iANO, which has over 405,000 videos associated with it, something positive happened right after. TikTokers say they are using the song to manifest their dreams and claim to have the results to prove it. 

What is manifesting? 

Manifestation is the idea that “thoughts create things” or that you can conjure something in the physical world through thoughts, feelings and beliefs. People use techniques like vision boards, visualization, meditation and affirmations to make their inner desires a tangible reality. Manifesting falls under the umbrella of the law of attraction, which claims that “like attracts like” or that by focusing on something you can attract it to you. 

The idea has become very popular on TikTok with the hashtag #manifestation garnering 11.2 billion views. 

The “miracle sound” on TikTok goes viral 




The user @punkfect went viral after she saved the song into her drafts and found $400 on the ground. Before finding the cash she felt down on her luck, not having much money but needing to move out of her “toxic house.” 

“Use this f****** song. Please! It’s got to work because I have no luck whatsoever and that happened to me,” she said

“I save this sound,” @privee_lux wrote in a caption. “Met new friends and started dating a billionaire.” 

“The fact that I thought y’all were lying but I filmed this, left it in my drafts and about five hours later the Netflix show I auditioned for LAST YEAR just now got back to me saying I got the part,” @giannaspovss said in a video.

But not everyone had the glowing results that so many others claimed to get.

“I did this and nothing really happened,” a user said.

“It doesn’t work don’t lie, I’ve done it and nothing happened,” another wrote.

“I got nothing. It’s been there for a while,” someone added.

😐😐😐 where my good news at???


TikToker @rhegan24777 felt a bit cheated by the song and all of the alleged miracles.

“Where my good news at?” she asked. “Y’all gotta be lying. It’s been days.” 

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