Timelapse shows huge wall of snow pummeling a coastal town

Incredible timelapse footage shows the moment a snowstorm sweeps in from the Black Sea and covers the coastal town of Hopa, Turkey.

Sefa Yasar, a resident of Hopa, shot the footage himself and uploaded it to his Instagram. Yasar told BBC, “It was a bit scary but at the same time it was a natural wonder.”

Yasar’s video has almost 2,000 views on his account and has been picked up by several other major news outlets. His other posts include some more stunning footage of the winter in Turkey.

Areas in Turkey has been facing record-breaking cold temperatures in recent weeks. In some cities, daily life has been disrupted by the sudden temperature drop and increase in snowfall.

Even a water dam froze over, while giant icicles have caused utility poles to lean over.

A week ago, a deadly avalanche struck eastern Turkey. More snowfall is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

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