This $60 timer-operated mini safe locks away your phone to boost your productivity

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Let’s be honest. While being confined to our homes keeps us safe and even saves us money (unless you’ve gone overboard with the online shopping), it’s also led to many of us developing codependent relationships with our devices and possibly even bad eating habits.

Whether it be using our phones while having dinner with our families, friends, partners or roommates or grabbing one, two or five more cookies from the jar than we’re used to, it’s likely that this has become a widespread problem for a lot of us.

To ensure that you stay on track with whatever goal or commitment you have in place, the folks at the Kitchen Safe Store created this time-locking container that forces you to get rid of these habits.

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Described as helping you to “build good habits,” this time-locking container — or “safe,” as most reviewers call it — couldn’t be easier to use. Simply put any temptation in the container and set the timer. The safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero.

The methodology behind this particular product, which has been popularized by the likes of “Shark Tank,” Time Magazine, the “Today” Show, HGTV and more, is even backed by scientific studies conducted by M.I.T., Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and Yale. As outlined in the product’s description, research has shown that “precommitment is the ultimate way to beat temptation.” In other words, it helps you learn how to stay away from your temptations.

Credit: Amazon

The size of this product is also particularly ideal for storing the likes of cell phones, keys, snacks, credit cards, remote controls, cigarettes, video game controllers and so much more. For specificity, the mini version measures two inches tall with a base of 5.5 square inches.

For added convenience, this time-locking container also comes in two additional sizes: medium (perfect for larger phones, cookies, snacks and controllers) and extra large (perfect for tablets, remotes and bottles).

Boasting an overall customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, it’s certainly a customer-favorite. One five-star reviewer even dubbed it “willpower externalized.”

“It’s a huge mental relief,” the shopper added. “I can’t live without it now.”

Credit: Amazon

One reviewer shared that it’s helped her significantly curb her constant phone usage, organically.

“This product works great,” she wrote. “I only use this for my cell phone. I use it to have tech-free days with my kids or on nights I can’t sleep so that it’s not the culprit of keeping me awake even later.”

Another reviewer even cleverly used it to keep her friends and loved ones safe if they’ve been drinking.

“Excellent product. Bought this for phones and keys while having people over if alcohol will be involved,” the shopper wrote. “Prevents drunk driving and drunk texts.”

As one shopper outlined, though, that there isn’t a way to reduce the time once you set it, but you can add additional time after it’s already been set.

Take a look at how the product is used in the TikTok video, below:


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