TimTheTatman finally won his first Fall Guys game and the internet blew up

After over 600 straight losses, TimTheTatman finally got his first Falls Guys victory and the internet has exploded.

For one week, Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar has been the laughing stock of Twitter and Reddit for his abysmal record in Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown. There are over a dozen clips of Tim raging at his losses from smashing his controller to screaming at his penguin plushie, Kevin. ESPN even created a tracker of his games.

But that dead streak finally ended on August 19.

“You said it couldn’t be done!” Tim yelled on the victory screen. “There’s the king! Put that crown on! Give me the crown!”

The outpouring of congratulations was massive and immediate. At the moment of Tim’s victory, his stream held a steady 300,000 concurrent viewers and his chat exploded in donations and subscriptions. On Twitter, “HE DID IT” soared into the top five trending tweets with support coming from Twitch, ESPN Esports and the Fall Guys Twitter account.

After spending days as a meme, Tim can now proudly display his Fall Guys crown.

Tim ended his stream that day with a victory speech and a cheer with his viewers.

“Against all odds, we persevered.” Tim said while raising his drink. “There were tough times that we went through, highs and lows, but the most important thing is that we were all together.”

It was a surprisingly touching moment, especially when considered against something that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tweeted shortly before Tim’s victory game. Ninja pointed out that Tim’s hilarious reactions to his over 600 losses from his ineptitude at the game, getting sabotaged by other players and just plain bad luck gave millions of viewers joy.

The same community that was trolling Tim in good fun was also the same community who was ecstatic over this victory. It was a bonding moment that helped us spread some happiness in a year filled with pain, injustice and a pandemic.

A streamer’s appeal isn’t determined just on their individual talents as a gamer and an entertainer but also by the community they build up around them. Tim’s journey for the crown and his victory speech is an important reminder of how important it is to celebrate joy with our communities.

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