A TikToker is going viral for sharing the ‘insane’ story of how she met her boyfriend

TikTok has a new favorite love story — and it all started with a Tinder bio.

Actually, it started on a bus in 2019. That’s where TikToker Seattle Sims first made eye contact with the “guy on bus 70.” Almost two years later, she put the story in her Tinder bio, and somehow, against all odds, she found her mystery man.

There’s no shortage of dramatic love stories on — from a user flirting with her pizza delivery drivers to a woman learning the “crazy” connection between her and her boyfriend’s parents. Still, Sims’ story feels different.

That’s because, as the 24-year-old told In The Know, it started as a joke.

“I made eye contact with a guy on bus 70 in Nov. 2019 and again on Jan. 20,” Sims’ Tinder bio read in mid-2021. “If you’re him super like thx.”

Sims said she meant for the bio to be funny and “didn’t think it would lead to anything,” but then, she got a message that sounded convincing.



♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

“I feel like I had it in my bio for maybe two months before we matched,” Sims told In The Know. “He had a photo of him smiling, and I knew right away it was him.”

Sims shared the exchange in a clip that now has more than 700,000 views. The video, which shows her initial message from the “guy on bus 70,” drew thousands of heartfelt reactions.

“The best relationship story I’ve ever heard in my life,” one user wrote.

“This should be a movie,” another added.

The overwhelming response led Sims to create a follow-up video, where she explained what happened after the bus guy found her on Tinder. As she says in that clip, the two quickly planned a first date — which went so well that it lasted 11 hours.


Reply to @sweetthaichilimtnmelt Greg the bus boy story time! ##illneverforgetyou ##busboy

♬ original sound – Seattle Sims

That first date, Sims told In The Know, was on May 29. The 24-year-old said she was initially nervous about meeting the bus guy — whose real name is Greg — since she hadn’t seen his face in almost two years.

However, Sims said they “really clicked” on that first date, and now, much to TikTok’s excitement, they’re still going strong.

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