Tinder now has a murder mystery game — here’s how to play

Now you can meet your future boo and solve a murder at the same time. 

Tinder has brought back Swipe Night for a second season. The first time around the interactive in-app game followed a choose-your-own-adventure style apocalyptic storyline. After attracting over 20 million users and causing a 26% increase in matches, Swipe Night has returned with Swipe Night: Killer Weekend. 

What is Tinder’s Swipe Night: Killer Weekend? 

Players can log into Swipe Night: Killer Weekend through Tinder’s explore section. In the game, users are suspects in a murder mystery, investigating the scene of the crime to try to solve the case. Gamers will have over 10 choices in each episode and each player’s role influences the direction of the narrative. 

At the end of each week, players choose a suspect and are then matched with a user who chose a different suspect. The pair then must use the fast chat feature to discuss and analyze clues together. Tinder’s algorithm determines the matches by weighing each player’s preferences. After the chat, users can choose to match with their pairings to continue talking outside of the game. 

Tinder’s ethos behind the game is to facilitate low-pressure conversations that offer a different route for making social connections. 

When is Tinder’s Swipe Night: Killer Weekend available?

Tinder launched Swipe Night: Killer Weekend on Nov. 7, 2021. Unlike the first season which was only available to play on weekends and for a limited time, Swipe Night: Killer Weekend will have more longevity. The game will be available to play anytime in 25 global markets, including the U.S. Tinder plans to keep the game live for at least six months. 

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