Who is Tinx and who was she dating?

Christina “Tinx” Najjar is known for being a “rich mom.” But it’s actually all just an online persona — she’s not actually a mom and she doesn’t purport to be rich. 

Tinx amassed her 1.2 million TikTok followers by satirically impersonating and commentating on rich mom culture. But the millennial social media superstar recently courted controversy when she announced her boyfriend, Jeremy Kallen, cheated on her. 

Who is Tinx on TikTok

Tinx was born Christina Najjar on Sep 19, 1990 and is currently 30 years old. She began posting on TikTok in May 2020. Najjar instantly became known for her “rich mom starter packs” where she breaks down “rich mom” tropes in major cities. 

“I grew up in London; I lived in San Francisco; I’ve lived in New York and now I live in L.A. I’ve always been more broadly obsessed with social commentary and what makes big cities tick,” Najjar told Town and Country. 

In the same interview, she revealed she has “rich mom consultants” from each city “because really what makes the starter packs is the details.” 

Najjar’s signature style is speaking into a tiny microphone usually from her home or in front of a green screen. 

Who was Tinx dating? 

Najjar was in a very private relationship with Jeremy Kallen. Only some of her fans even figured out they were together. It is unknown how long the pair dated.

Najjar accused Kallen of cheating on her

On June 20, Najjar announced that she received a direct message from a woman who was having an affair with Kallen. 

“Today I got a horrible message,” she said. “And if you have received one of those horrible messages you know exactly how it feels. You slowly read the words and you start to feel sick and pray that it’s not true.” 

Najjar admitted that she had “fallen really hard” for Kallen and was devastated. 

“I allowed myself to fall really deep and it felt amazing. I loved being his girlfriend,” Najjar said. “I need to be honest that I feel really broken right now.” 

She made it a point to say she is not “embarrassed” by how hard she loves people. 

Najjar’s fans showed their support in the comments section. 

“He doesn’t know what he’s missing,” one person responded.

“Sending you love,” another said

“You dodged the bullet honestly,” a user wrote

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