To this New York City bakery, everything is cake

Which of these sandwiches is a cake? Click here to find out.

Inae Cakes is a New York City-based bakery that designs custom desserts. It’s run by Inae herself, a pastry chef and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. While the confectioner is no stranger to traditional tiered cakes, Inae Cakes is a proud member of the “everything is cake” trend with some impressive results, which are shared on the bakery’s Instagram

In one clip, you might think you’re being set up for a philosophical quandary: what came first the chicken or the egg?

A massive, juicy-looking, fried chicken drumstick rests atop a cutting board next to a boiled egg. But then the chef cuts into the chicken to reveal chocolate marble cake inside. The egg is next, but its yellow yolk is nothing other than more cake. 

For a cheekier dessert, Inae created a 24k gold edible toilet paper roll served on a silver platter. The golden cake has a metallic luster and each ply of tissue is even perforated on its facade. When the chef cuts into it, more silky smooth cake awaits inside.

One of Inae’s most popular cakes, however, is a simple Hass avocado — or is it? The rough textured green skin with little black spots of ripeness is pretty convincing. The baker slices it in half to show off its seedless, red velvet cake interior.

The stunning confection received over 33,000 views on Instagram. 

“This cake blends daydreams and great imagination!” one user wrote

“My favorite cake,” another said

“Whoa” another user commented

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