These toaster bags let you heat up almost anything in a pop-up toaster

Toasters are great for toasting bread and heating bagels, but most of us turn to the stove or microwave when it comes to prepping more complex dishes. However, it turns out toasters are capable of so much more! 

In order to get the most out of your toaster, grab a box of toaster bags. Toaster bags are non-stick, heat-resistant bags that greatly expand the range of foods you can cook in a toaster—and also help reduce kitchen mess. Here are 3 toaster bag hacks that will make you look at your toaster in a whole new way.

1. Make grilled cheese in the toaster

If you’ve ever attempted to make grilled cheese in a toaster, you know it usually ends with your toaster getting covered in melted cheese. Fortunately, toaster bags make it easy to make grilled cheese in the toaster, without making a mess. Just slide the sandwich into a toaster bag, and pop it into the toaster. Toast your sandwich on medium heat until it’s golden brown and enjoy!

2. Reheat leftover pizza in the toaster

For perfectly reheated pizza, use your toaster! Just place a slice of pizza in a toaster bag and heat it up in your toaster. Unlike the microwave, which can leave your leftover pizza limp and soggy, the toaster ensures that your pizza heats evenly and has a nice, crispy crust once it’s reheated. 

3. Heat up frozen burgers in the toaster

With a toaster bag, you can even make hamburgers in your toaster! Just place a frozen burger patty into a toaster bag and heat it up in the toaster until it’s warmed through. The result will be a super juicy burger that’s cooked perfectly.

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