Mom-to-be’s toaster cleaning hack blows TikTok’s mind: ‘I never would have thought of this’

An eye-opening cleaning hack has TikTokers running to their kitchens in disbelief — and might help prevent kitchen fires all around the world!

Pregnant TikToker Jessica Haizman (@jessicahaizman) gained nearly 530,000 views and hundreds of comments when she uploaded her now-viral toaster cleaning tutorial.

And, just like the mom who blew people’s minds when she opened her “stinky” washing machine filter, Jessica’s cleaning revelation is inspiring people around the world to check their own appliances.

Jessica starts her video by first reminding people to unplug their toasters before doing any kind of cleaning.

She then explains how she uses a microfiber cloth to knock big crumbs loose, then removes the crumb trays.

The mom-to-be then grabs a blowdryer to get the rest of the crumbs out, before finally wiping down the outside with some vinegar.

But it wasn’t just Jessica’s clever hacks that blew TikTokers’ minds. People were shocked to learn that crumb trays even existed.

“Wait, there’s a crumb tray???” one user exclaimed (a comment that gained over 600 likes).

“I’ve never cleaned a toaster in my life, which is why I didn’t know they had crumb trays until just now,” another user commented.

“I was today years old when I found out toasters have crumb trays. I have a build-up of crumbs dating back to 2016,” one user laughed.

“I’m worried about the people who didn’t know toasters have crumb trays,” another user joked.

“I just turn it upside down and give it a good wack,” wrote another user.

“Hairdryer! Genius!” lauded one user.

“Where I used to work, they never cleaned the toaster, and it always smelled burn-y. Then one day, it actually caught on fire. So yes, please clean your toaster,” advised another user.

According to Consumer Affairs, crumbs left to accumulate in toasters can indeed catch fire. “Consumers should make sure they clean their toasters on a regular basis,” they advise.

Just be sure to follow Jessica’s advice and always unplug your toaster before doing any kind of cleaning or maintenance!

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