‘Ashamed’ mom drives toddler to fire station when he gets his arm stuck in a vase: ‘This is why I love firefighters’

A toddler had to seek the help of firefighters when he got his arm stuck in a vase, and TikTok is cracking up — and applauding the quick-thinking team at the fire station!

The viral video, posted by @watchstitch and credited to the Watson Family, gained over 11.5 million views and nearly 16,000 comments on TikTok.


You’ll never guess what he was reaching for! 😂 Full story in the comments! [🎥: Watson Family] #parents #family #toddler #funny #firefighter #mom

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In the video, Mom explains that her son, Grant, got his arm stuck in a vase while reaching for a toy he’d lost inside.

Thus, the self-proclaimed “ashamed” mom had to drive over to the fire station to seek their help.

She walks into the station and bashfully asks if the firefighters could help her — and immediately, the friendly team goes to assess the situation.

“Oh my goodness! What did you do?” one firefighter asks in a jokingly disapproving tone as he looks at the toddler’s arm.

The team grabs a bottle of dish soap and gets to work, gently freeing his arm from its trap.

They even retrieve the toy he was after — a small plastic flute. “That’s what we were huntin, wasn’t it?” the firefighter asks with a laugh.

In the end, Grant was left completely unscathed and unfazed, Mom was happy, and the firefighters were hailed as heroes by everyone on TikTok.

‘Firefighters are HEROES…’

Thousands of comments came pouring in to sing the firefighters praises — and to applaud mom for her quick thinking in seeking help at the fire station.

“Saved yourself a $1,599 fee by not going to the hospital,” one user wrote.

“Let’s normalize asking the Fire Dept. for help,” another user commented.

“Firefighters are HEROES,” wrote another user.

“Fire Dept. doesn’t get enough credit,” commented another user.

“Me shoving my nephew’s arm in a vase so I can go flirts with the firefighters,” joked one user.

“The most wholesome thing I’ll ever see in my life,” another user wrote.

“This is why I love firefighters,” shared one user.

Thanks to the wonderful team of firefighters and Mom’s quick-thinking, little Grant is now free to seek another toddler misadventure!

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