Toddler asks mom to put on ‘Baby Shark’ using just 3 simple sounds

This TikTok mom knew exactly what song her toddler was requesting when she asked to hear something called “Do do do.” It was “Baby Shark”! 

The song “Baby Shark” has been popular with kids and toddlers for years. In fact, it’s so popular that one TikTok parent knew exactly what song her toddler was requesting when she asked to hear something she called “Do do do.” In a hilarious video, TikToker and mom @raising4beachlife shared the moment her toddler made the adorable song request. 

“Communication basics at 18 months,” the TikTok mom writes in a caption at the start of the video. The mom is sitting in the living room watching TV when her toddler comes running towards her, holding a remote control in her hands. 

“What song do you want?” The mom asks as the toddler places the remote control on her lap. 

The 18-month-old turns towards the television, waving her arms. She pauses and thinks for a moment, then says, “Do do do.”

“Which song?” The mom asks. 

“Do do do,” the toddler repeats, more vehemently this time. 

Then, before her mom can even reply, the toddler walks towards the TV. She places her hand on the media stand and stares up at the TV expectantly. 

“This one?” The mom asks. The TV screen goes black, then a group of dancing kids appear. The first notes of a song begin playing, and the toddler clasps her hands to her chest in excitement.

The video ends as the first lyrics of the song “Baby Shark” begin to play and the toddler starts to dance. “Think this is a universal ‘first word’ now,” the mom writes in a caption. 

Viewers were cracking up at the hilarious video. 

“All moms know ‘do do do,’” one parent wrote. 

“I knew it immediately,” commented another viewer. 

“I couldn’t understand,” one viewer chimed in. To which the TikToker replied, “If you were a [parent] of a toddler you would.”

Did you know what song the toddler was requesting?

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