‘Princess Diana reincarnated?’: Toddler eerily speaks in full British accent despite being American

A toddler has gone viral for her mysterious accent, and TikTok is wondering if it could be a case of reincarnation.

When mom and TikToker Dom (@cultofdom) posted the footage of her daughter speaking in a British accent, she gained over 10 million views and thousands of comments.

While many viewers simply think the toddler’s accent is cute, others are asking if it could be evidence of a past life.

As Dom explains in the video, her 3-year-old daughter, Hazel, is fully American. Neither of her parents are British; in fact, her father is actually Japanese.

Despite this, Hazel speaks in a “fully British accent at all times,” as Dom says.

While Hazel’s parents jokingly refer to her accent as the “Peppa Pig British accent,” many TikTokers are wondering if her accent could be evidence of something more otherworldly…

‘She’s more British than me and I’m actually British!’

TikTokers were shocked by the toddler’s adorable accent and ran to Dom’s comment section to share their reactions and thoughts.

“She’s more British than me, and I’m actually British!” one user laughed.

“It makes you wonder if she was British in a past life,” another user proposed.

“She was British in a previous life,” agreed another user.

“Past lives be showing up,” one user commented.

“This is just her past life’s soul coming through,” another user wrote.

“She sounds like a little princess,” one user observed.

“Princess Diana reincarnated?” another user suggested.

But some parents think it could just be the influence of British television stations. “My husband and I are Mexican American, we are bilingual, and our 3-year-old now says ‘have a lovely holiday’ in a British accent. Thanks, Peppa!” one user shared.

No matter where little Hazel’s accent comes from — whether it be evidence of reincarnation or evidence of Peppa Pig’s incredible influence — one thing is certain: you never know what is going to come out of kids’ mouths next!

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