Adorable toddler quizzes grandma over the phone

This toddler knew exactly what to say when he got on the phone with his grandmother. 

Landon Dickerson Jr., nicknamed “Boops”, is a 2-year-old with 525,000 TikTok followers. Known for his adorable charm, expressive personality and large vocabulary, Boops is a super verbal little kid. When he was 23 months old, the tiny stud showed off his conversational skills on a phone chat with grandma. 

“He was ready to go,” the video caption read. “Phone convos with grandma be like…” 

The toddler held an iPhone up to his ear. He had all of his conversation starters ready to go. 

“What you doing? Where you at? You got plans?” he asked with a smile. “Don’t say that!” 

The clip received 1.3 million likes on TikTok. The commenters agreed — this was one adorable little boy. 

“Why is this making me so emotional? He’s so cute,” one person said

“He is so small, and he speaks perfect for his age,” another wrote

“I actually repeated after him,” a user commented

Most children at age 2 can use simple phrases and typically speak in one or two-word sentences. They tend to know about 50 words or more. Boops has clearly got the gift of elocution and is using it to win TikTok over. 

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