TikTok melts over toddler’s adorable candy corn costume: ‘I need to have a good cry over this’

Halloween is always a fun time for kids. They get to trick-or-treat, eat candy and play dress-up. For any grown-ups involved, besides swiping a few pieces of the good candy, it’s all about relishing how adorable the little ones look in their costumes. 

Mom Jacquelyn has been documenting her daughter Wren grow up on TikTok. The mother-daughter duo has over 16.1 million followers. Wren loves to play dress-up, regardless of the season. The toddler has appeared as a flower, a hot dog and a cute little chicken.

But perhaps her most heart-melting costume was as a single piece of candy corn.

“I don’t like candy corn, but I love this candy corn,” Jacquelyn wrote in the caption. 

Wren wore a candy corn bodysuit. It featured shaggy layers of yellow and orange for the body. Her tiny head served as the point of the triangular treat. 

The video racked up 2.4 million views. Wren hit TikTok right in the feels. 

“I guess I’ve changed my mind about candy corn,” a user wrote

“I’ve always hated candy corn … until now,” another commented.

“Hold on, I need to have a good cry over this angel. She’s so precious,” a person said

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