Dad lets toddler lead the way on walk without realizing she can’t see: ‘Where are you going?’

Watch this toddler confidently lead the way on a walk with her dad—despite the fact that her hat is completely covering her eyes!

Zachery Ryan McCasli (@northern_redneck14) is a parent and TikToker who loves sharing videos of his adorable 2-year-old daughter. In one hilarious video that racked up 13.5 million views and counting, Zachery let his daughter lead the way on a walk through the snow, only to realize the toddler’s hat was covering her eyes and she couldn’t see anything! 


Thought we were just going for a walk. She just couldnt see where we were going hahah 🤣🤣#fyp #toddlersoftiktok #snow

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The video begins with a shot of Zachery’s toddler trudging through a snow-covered field. The toddler wears pink snow pants, a pink and purple ski jacket, and a black beanie. The field is sparsely dotted with trees and covered in a thick blanket of mostly untouched snow. The only footprints visible are those of Zachery and his daughter. 

The toddler walks through the snow, her head tucked into her chest, and her arms opened wide behind her. She walks confidently as though she has a destination in mind and is eagerly trying to reach it. However, the toddler’s footprints in the snow make it clear she has been walking in a big circle. 

“Where are you going?” Zachery asks as he walks behind his daughter. 

“Didn’t realize her hat was covering her eyes,” the embarrassed dad explains in a caption. 

The toddler doesn’t answer her dad and continues walking purposefully through the snow. Then, the toddler begins to run, veering off to the right as her dad hurries to catch up. 

As the toddler walks, Zachery turns the camera around to show how far he has walked with the toddler. The field is covered in the looping footprints of the father-daughter duo and it is clear they have been walking for a long time. 

“We started way over there,” the dad explains, then turns the camera back to his daughter. The toddler is quickly approaching a low tree and appears about to walk into it. “There’s a tree!” Zachery warns, just as the toddler walks directly into a branch. 

The video ends as the toddler stumbles away from the tree towards her dad. “Yeah, the tree got you, huh?” Zachery asks.  

Zachery’s video had viewers cracking up!

“‘Where you going?’ ‘I don’t know, you tell me!’” commented one viewer. 

“She said, ‘These boots were made for walking,’” another viewer joked. 

“I swear kids act like drunk people,” another TikToker commented. 

It seems like Zachery and his toddler had a nice walk in the snow, even though the toddler didn’t get to see much of it!   

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