Toddler is captivated by Mom’s ‘gassy baby’ trick: ‘Your son’s face is priceless’

A toddler is cracking up TikTokers with his reaction to Mom’s trick for “gassy babies!”

When mom Angela, known on TikTok as @futuremazuks1028, sat down to record her hack for gassy little ones, she never expected her son to steal the show!

Now, the video has been viewed over 5.5M times — and considering it’s both a helpful hack and a hilarious toddler moment, it’s no wonder why!


My sons face of surprise at the end makes this video, don’t let it flop 😂 #mommytips #momlife #parenting #success #foryou

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In her caption, Angela hints at her toddler’s funny reaction: “My son’s face of surprise at the end makes this video…”

As she begins her gas-relieving hack on her infant, her toddler looks on curiously in the background.

Angela gently pedals her baby’s legs, explaining the hack as she goes — until finally, her baby toots, much to the shock and delight of her toddler!

It’s such a funny moment; she even uses some fun editing techniques to highlight her son’s reaction.

TikTokers loved both the helpful hack AND her adorable son

With millions of views and hundreds of thousands of “likes,” it’s no surprise that Angela’s comments totally flooded.

“He’s thinking, do it again,” one user laughed at the toddler’s reaction.

“Your son’s face is priceless. He’s thinking, what in the world is my mom doing to my sister. So cute,” another user wrote.

“Your son, bahaha – he’s so interested!” another user cackled.

“He’s so pleased by this entire experience!” wrote another user.

“Brother is fascinated. Watch, you will walk into him trying this on baby or dog…” predicted one user.

But it wasn’t just the toddler TikTokers loved; it was also Angela’s effective hack for relieving gassy babies.

“Does it work on adults…?” one user wondered.

“I wish someone would do this to me!” another user commented.

“I did this with my cousin’s baby, and he had the biggest explosion after not pooping for a few days,” shared another user.

“Omg, my baby gets so upset, he’s so gassy, I cannot wait to try this!” one user exclaimed.

Thanks to this funny and wholesome video, babies everywhere might be feeling tummy relief very soon — much to the delight of their onlooking siblings!

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