Toddler collapses when mom catches him following her around: ‘He folded’

This mom had the most adorable little “stalker” creeping around her house. You can never really know who’s lurking around the corner, even in your own home

Casey Chesney documents her baby boy Beau on TikTok. The mother captures precious moments from his life as he grows up. You can watch the little guy visit a petting zoo, entertaining his cat and dog and even doing gymnastics. Beau is still at the age where his mom is likely his closest friend. And where mama goes, baby goes. 

In one video, Chesney couldn’t help but notice that he had become a little inseparable from her. 

“I think I have a stalker, y’all,” the mom wrote in the video caption

The camera was focused on a slightly opened door in her house. At first, it looked like the entryway was totally empty. Then someone’s small head peeked out from behind the wall. When Beau realized his mama knew he was there the whole time, the toddler laughed hysterically. Then he fell to the ground, bashfully planting his face in the carpet. 

The cute video racked up more than 4.8 million views. Who couldn’t love Beau’s little face? 

“That giggle and drop is hilarious,” one person noted.

“I wasn’t ready for this. He’s so cute,” another commented

“He folded,” someone wrote

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