Charming toddler tries to woo dad when mom puts her foot down: ‘She has him wrapped around her finger’

Kids know how to play their parents like a fiddle. They seem programmed to quickly pick up on the differences between mom and dad

TikTok mom Kelly Lavery knew exactly what her daughter Kennedy was up to when the little girl tried to negotiate her way out of bedtime. In a video the mom shared, Lavery laid down the law.

But when Kennedy realized there was no way of winning mom over, she tried to sway dad instead. 

“The way my daughter talks to me versus the way she talks to my husband,” Lavery captioned the TikTok

“I want tubby! I want tubby!” the little girl pleaded, asking for a bath.

“No, you’re not going to a tubby. No, we’re going to settle into bed at 8 o’clock,” Lavery said. “Kennedy, you’re not taking a tubby right now.” 

Frustrated, Kennedy set her eyes on dad, but her tone totally changed.  

“Da-da, I want tubby,” she softly said to him. “I… Tubby…” 

She didn’t scream; instead, she cozied up to him and gently pleaded. 

“Mama said no, so stop giving dad googly eyes,” Lavery said. 

The endearing video racked up 16.2 million views on TikTok. People certainly thought Kennedy had a way with words.

“Manipulation is a child’s first language,” one person joked.

“She knows dad is the softy,” another said

“She has him wrapped around her finger and she knows it,” a person commented.

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