Mom shares the chores she gives her 20-month-old toddler

Want to get your child started on chores from a young age? This TikTok parent shared the chores she assigns her toddler who is just 20 months old!

Brittany (@thatbamfam) is a parent of two kids who loves sharing helpful parenting advice and hacks on TikTok. Brittany recommends assigning toddlers chores from a young age as a way of keeping them entertained and helping them learn. In a video, Brittany shared the age-appropriate chores she gives her 20-month-old toddler

The video begins with a shot of Brittany’s 20-month-old Aubrey holding a small bag of groceries. “Hey guys, did you know that toddlers actually really enjoy doing chores?” Brittany asks in a voiceover, as Aubrey toddles from the front door towards the kitchen with her shopping bag. “If you’re not sure what chores your toddler can do, this is what I do with my 20-month-old.”

First, Brittany recommends letting your toddler help carry groceries. Aubrey’s grocery bag is small and light, so it’s not difficult for the toddler to carry. Once she enters the kitchen with the bag, the toddler drops it on the floor beside a pile of heavier bags. 

Next, Brittany explains that she lets Aubrey feed the family dog. “She loves her chore of feeding the dog,” Brittany explains, as the toddler carefully carries a cup full of dog food to the kitchen, and pours it into a dog bowl. “If anybody else tries to feed the dog, she will cry because it is her chore. After she feeds the dog, she will run it all the way back to the little bin and shut it.”

Brittany also lets Aubrey help with the laundry. “She also loves helping her mama do laundry,” Brittany explains, as she and Aubrey stand in the laundry room. “She helps me put clothes in the dryer.”

Finally, Brittany explains that Aubrey is more than capable of helping to grab things from other rooms. In particular, Aubrey helps Brittany by bringing her wipes and diapers when it’s changing time. 

Viewers appreciated Brittany’s useful tips and even shared some of the chores they assigned their own children!

“I loved doing chores with my toddler. I was really shocked by how much she wanted to help, too,” one parent commented. 

“My daughter loves sweeping. She’s not very good at it yet, but we encourage it,” shared another parent.

“My son collects the dishes and puts them in the sink, and helps take stuff out of shopping bags so I can put them in the fridge,” another parent replied. 

While older kids might complain about doing chores, Brittany’s video shows that chores can actually be a fun and educational activity for toddlers!

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