Toddler refuses to share cookie with mom, gives her broccoli instead

This hilarious toddler gave her mom broccoli when she asked her to share her cookie!

Sarah (@saruh2themax) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddler, Willow. One of Willow’s favorite games is running a make-believe restaurant, but the sassy toddler likes to decide which order to fill and which to alter. In a hilarious video, Sarah attempts to “order” the cookie Willow is snacking on, but the tricky toddler serves her a bowl of broccoli instead!

The video begins with a shot of Willow walking towards the counter of her “diner.” “What do you like, ma’am?” she asks her mom

The toddler holds a cookie in her hands and takes a bite as she waits for her mom’s order. 

“That cookie looks pretty good,” Sarah replies. 

Willow’s eyes widen and she looks at her mom suspiciously. The toddler is clearly unenthusiastic about the prospect of serving the cookie she is enjoying.

“What do you like ma’am” Willow asks again, ignoring her mom’s comment about the cookie. 

“Can I have that cookie?” Sarah asks. 

Willow thinks for a second, then replies firmly, “No. That’s mine.”

Then, determined to serve her mom something, she turns and looks behind her, as though checking what other foods she has to offer. “I have um…,” she says, pausing to think. “Uh… broccoli. I have broccoli.”

The toddler nods her head emphatically as though the issue is settled, then walks over to a counter where a variety of fake plastic produce sits. She places a piece of toy broccoli into a bowl and passes it to her mom.

The video ends as Willow walks away to enjoy her cookie in peace. “There you go, ma’am,” she calls out as she walks offscreen.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler!

“She has a baby Drew Barrymore vibe,” one viewer commented. 

“No way that’s a child. The amount of sass and emotion behind, ‘That’s mine!’” another viewer wrote. 

“I would love to have her as a coworker in my diner,” another TikToker chimed in. 

Willow isn’t the best at customer service, but she is clearly having a ton of fun with her pretend diner

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