Toddler hilariously copies the sound her mom makes when she bends down

This hilarious toddler copies the sound her mom makes whenever she bends down to pick things up! 

Stefanie (@spritch29) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddler, Madison. Madison is an observant toddler who quickly picks up on the behaviors and habits of people around her, and sometimes begins to imitate them. In one recent video that racked up 4.7 million views and counting, Madison can be seen imitating the exasperated sound her mom makes each time she bends down to pick something up.

The hilariously adorable video begins with a caption that reads, “My daughter copying how I sound when I pick things up.” 

Madison stands in her family’s kitchen wearing a gray vest and a frilly orange shirt. The toddler bends down to pick a toy up off the floor. “Argh,” she says, imitating her mom. Even though the toddler clearly has no trouble bending over to pick up the toy, the sound she makes is one of pure fatigue. 

Then, the toddler stands up and begins walking across the kitchen. She takes a few unsteady steps forward, but then encounters another toy on the floor. Once again, she stoops over to pick up the toy, imitating her mom’s groan as she does so. “Ahh,” she says, elongating the syllable in a way that sounds world-weary and exhausted.

The video ends as Madison, now holding two toys, begins talking to herself as her mom giggles in the background. A caption reads, “Apparently, I grunt too much.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious toddler!

Kids keep you humble,” joked one viewer. 

“My granddaughter walks down the road and says, ‘Oh, my poor back! I need to sit down!’ I have a bad back [and] she’s 2!” wrote one grandparent.  

“They’re just little tape recorders,” commented another TikToker

Madison might not be intentionally poking fun at her mom, but her hilarious impersonation is still on point!

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