Toddler’s idea of a ‘cute’ animal is a creepy crawly centipede

This TikTok mom recorded the moment her toddler son brought her to see a “cute” animal he found, only to discover it was a very large centipede!

Crystal (@hellocrystalsnow) is a parent and TikToker whose toddler son, Kai, certainly has an interesting definition of the word “cute.” In a hilarious video, Crystal records the moment Kai comes running up to show her a “cute” animal he found in their house. Spoiler alert: The “cute” animal was actually a very large centipede!


What do you do when your child says they found a cute animal in the house 😅🙃

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The video begins with Kai excitedly running up to his mom in the family’s living room. “What did you find?” Crystal asks as Kai approaches. 

“I found an animal!” Kai says, pointing towards the hallway. 

“What kind of animal?” Crystal replies.

“It’s a cute animal,” Kai replies. 

“A cute animal?” Crystal says encouragingly.

“Yeah, I did!” the excited toddler replies.

“Let’s see,” says Crystal, following Kai down the hallway. “Where’s the cute animal?”

“Right there behind the door,” Kai says. 

Crystal approaches the spot that Kai is pointing to and finds, not a soft and fluffy animal, but a creepy crawly centipede! She zooms in showing the large centipede slowly crawling down the carpeted hallway.

“Aw,” Kai says as Crystal begins to laugh. “Isn’t that cute, guys?”

The video ends with Crystal laughing and patting Kai on the head. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler, but were horrified by the giant centipede!

“I appreciate the child’s joy in seeing a centipede. I, however, have never felt joy in seeing centipedes in my house,” one viewer wrote. 

“I appreciate that he thinks it’s cute, but I am screaming inside!” another viewer responded.

“His little voice is so sweet. The bug, not so much,” commented another TikToker. 
Kai’s response to the centipede certainly proves that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder!

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