Toddler uses crocodile tears to ‘play’ his parents for a treat: ‘Pure manipulation’

When toddlers want something, they know they can just turn on the waterworks. Then soon enough, mom and dad will be eating out of the palm of their hand. 

Sarai and Nilo are mom and dad to toddler Isaac. They share their wholesome family adventures on TikTok with 60,000 followers. The mother recorded a video to show exactly how little Isaac manages to get his way in their household. 

“How To Play Your Parents 101,” Sarai titled the video. 

While dad was prepping some chocolate milk for the rugrat, Isaac was not being his most patient self. Donning a blue onesie, the toddler paced back and forth crying. 

“He wants his chocolate milk!” the mom said, teasing Nilo to hurry up. 

“Yes, please!” Isaac replied while moaning and groaning. 

The father finally bestowed the bottle of chocolate milk upon Isaac. The toddler grabbed the bottle and instantly stopped crying. In fact, it didn’t appear as though there were any real tears at all. 

“Please!” Sarai said as the boy walked away. Mom knew the child had played her.

The viral video received 4.5 million TikTok views. People saw right through Isaac’s clever antics. 

“That side when he walks past you like, ‘that’s how it’s done,'” one person wrote

“His face at the end,” another commented

“Pure manipulation at its finest,” a user said

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