Toddler has adorably cautious reaction to glass-bottom bridge: ‘That’s a nope for me’

This cautious toddler had the most relatable reaction to heights when crossing a glass-bottom bridge. 

TikToker Spencer Churchill (@spencerchurchill) is a parent who enjoys sharing videos of daily life with his adorable son named Forest. Recently, Churchill posted a video of little Forest trying to cross a glass-bottom bridge, and viewers could totally relate to his innocent skepticism. 

The clip begins with footage of Forest, sippy cup in hand, teetering across a bridge. As the toddler makes his way down the suspended wooden path, his little brown sandals “clip clap” with each determined step. 

Suddenly the wooden planks disappear and are replaced with rows of transparent glass. Caught off guard, tiny Forest immediately stops and stares down at the daunting view. With both hands clasped tightly on his sippy cup, Forest ponders the intimidating sight, groans, and turns around. 

“Forest, come on. You gotta walk on it,” Churchill says with a laugh. As he’s being coaxed across the bridge, Forest gets on his hands and knees and taps one foot on the glass floor. 

He then plants both feet on the bridge’s glass bottom and slowly stands up as though he’s testing its stability. “Come on, Forest,” Churchill says as he and his wife begin to laugh. 

However, Forest decides to forgo that part of the bridge. He gets back on his hands and knees and carefully crawls over to the wood section. After collecting himself, he assertively walks back from where they came. 

Viewers deeply related to Forest’s reaction to the transparent bridge. 

“Babe, I wouldn’t go on that thing either,” one user commented.

“He was like, ‘that’s a big nope for me,’ lol,” joked another viewer. 

“He’s smarter than most. He tested the bridge first,” noted one observer. 

While we never find out if Forest actually made it across the bridge, it sure was amusing to watch the cautious kid give it a shot.

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