Mischievous toddler turns diaper changes into ‘treasure hunts’ by ‘stealing’ items he finds around the house

This hilarious toddler steals random household items and hides them in his pajamas!

Julie Keagy (@julielynnk) is a mom and TikToker who shares humorous parenting videos along with plenty of adorable videos of her toddler son.

In a hilarious video that racked up 18.2 million views and counting, Julie shared her son’s unique and mischievous habit: He likes to steal items from around the house and hide them in his pajamas, only to be revealed when it’s time for a diaper change!

The video begins with Julie’s son innocently walking towards the camera wearing blue spaceship pajamas. The toddler wears an innocent expression on his face as he strolls casually towards his mom. A caption reads, “He want it? He steals it.”

In the next shot, Julie unzips her son’s pajamas as she prepares to change his diaper. When the pajamas are fully unzipped, it becomes clear there are several objects hidden within. 

Julie starts to remove the objects one by one, first revealing several multi-colored plastic balls. She starts grabbing the items and putting them to the side. After the plastic balls, she removes 2 tampons. Then, she removes a smartwatch

Julie’s son begins helping her take the items out. As she investigates, he pulls out a roll of toilet paper, holding it in his hand and staring at it in confusion, as though surprised to find it there. 

Julie takes the toilet paper and puts it to the side, then removes a pink plastic toy, as her son finds a blue cosmetics jar. 

The items become more and more absurd as Julie continues. Not only has her son hidden toilet paper, a smartwatch, and toys in his pajamas, but he has taken an entire banana. The video ends as Julie removes perhaps the most surprising object of all: A $100 bill!

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable thieving toddler

“I’m not saying I’m going to rob a bank, but if I do, I’m bringing him with me!” one viewer joked. 

“Can I borrow him for my Walmart trip?” another viewer asked. 

“He lived a life of crime in a past life,” joked another TikToker

Julie’s toddler may be a little bit mischievous, but he’s certainly adorable!

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