Toddler refuses to take off his dinosaur mask to eat fries: ‘Some things must be done in the name of science’

This toddler is living his best dinosaur life, and it’s completely a vibe. 

Photographer and mother of three Nicole Goode captured her son in an unexpected moment. She said her son is “obsessed” with Jurassic World and that “dinosaurs are my boy’s soul animals.” Goode got her son a T. rex mask, and the toddler became inseparable from it — no matter what the task at hand demanded. 

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?” the video’s voice-over said.

The toddler wore a Jurassic World dino mask. It was a brown T. rex with a long snout full of sharp teeth. The little guy was sitting at the table watching his iPad and getting ready to eat a McDonald’s happy meal. Like any kid with an imagination, he had no plans to take the mask off in order to eat. 

The boy shoveled a fry into the mask’s mouth and tried to use the T. rex’s teeth to chew the snack. But when that didn’t work, he put his whole arm down the T. rex’s mouth in order to reach his. Mission accomplished. Fries devoured, mask still intact. 

The funny video received over 21.7 million views on TikTok

“Did you keep a straight face? If you did, I applaud you,” a user said

“Some things must be done in the name of science,” another wrote

“I managed the testing for this mask (made sure it was comfortable and kids could use it.) Never considered eating fries as a use case,” someone commented

Even the official TikTok account for Jurassic World weighed in. “Forever mood,” they commented, a clapping emoji in tow.

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