Sweet toddler comforts mom after ‘scaring’ her with dinosaur puppet: ‘I’ve watched this 1,000 times’

A toddler cracked herself up when she was sure she had scared her mom real good. 

Laura Bentley is a mother of four from Queensland, Australia. She posts about parenting and mom life to over 73,000 Instagram followers. When you’ve got four children, there is no shortage of memorable moments. Like the time Bentley’s youngest daughter was certain she had mom shaking in her boots. 

“That time, she scared me,” Bentley wrote in the caption

In the video, the toddler wore a crocodile puppet on her hand while mom sat on the floor cross-legged. The little girl crept up on mom from behind, making a growling sound and waving the crocodile in Bentley’s face. The mother screamed in horror, playing along. 

Then the rugrat did it again. She waved the crocodile in Bentley’s face, and the mom shrieked again. This time the toddler couldn’t stop cracking up. She took off the crocodile puppet to reveal it was just her hand all along. Mom tried to look surprised and covered her eyes in shock. 

The hilarious moment was just one of those times where imagination was just a little bit better than reality. 

“Best thing ever when she shows her hand, haha,” a person commented.

“I’ve watched this 1,000 times. Soooooo cute and so sweet that she showed you at the end it was just her hand,” another wrote

“This never gets old,” someone added

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