2-year-old hasn’t quite mastered diving in hilarious TikTok: ‘I see the Olympics in [her] future’

This TikTok parent recorded their toddler daughter attempting to dive into a pool, and it’s hilariously adorable!

Amy Blackman Brown (@amis17sb) is a TikToker and mom-of-3 who shares sweet videos of her two sons, Dominic and Jackson, and her 2-year-old daughter, Zuri. As the weather has gotten warmer this year, Zuri has been increasingly drawn to the family swimming pool and is an impressively confident swimmer. However, as Amy shared in a recent viral video, Zuri’s diving skills could still use a bit of work. In the hilarious video that racked up more than 17 million views, Amy shares Zuri’s goofy diving technique!

The video begins with a shot of Zuri standing at the edge of the family’s swimming pool. It’s a sunny day, and the family dog is running around happily in the background. A caption reads, “Diving practice.”

Zuri raises both arms in the air and places her palms together above her head, readying her diving stance. The 2-year-old is so focused, she doesn’t even seem to notice as the family dog nudges her with his nose as he wanders around the yard. Instead, Zuri stares up at her mom, waiting to be told to dive. 

“Go!” Amy yells, and Zuri shifts into her diving stance. At first, the 2-year-old seems set to dive gracefully into the pool. She bends her arms and points her hands towards the water. 

But then, at the last moment, instead of diving headfirst into the pool, Zuri does a little hop and dives in feet-first. As water splashes into the air, Zuri’s family begins to laugh. A caption reads, “Two-year-old diving prodigy.”

Zuri’s diving technique had viewers cracking up!

“You go cutie! I see the Olympics in your future!” one viewer wrote. 

“So funny and cute!” another TikToker commented.   

“Y’all, don’t laugh! I’m 44 and this is how I still dive in. I for the life of me cannot do it,” wrote another TikToker. 

Zuri’s diving strategy may still need some work, but her confidence is truly impressive! 

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