Toddler’s hilarious reason for drawing dots all over her face leaves mom in stitches

Children have the wildest imaginations. That means their creativity is off the charts. 

When TikTok mom Regina noticed her daughter Zahra’s face was covered in small black dots, she wanted to know what the little one was up to. Zahra’s answer was quite unexpected. It’s no wonder the mom declared there was “never a dull moment with this one.” 


NEVER a dull moment with this one 🤦🏾‍♀️

♬ original sound – Regina W

The little girl was sitting in her car seat. She had little black specks all over her face. It was unclear what caused the marks, so the mother inquired. 

Mom: “Zahra, what you got going on? What is on your face? What is on your face? 

Zahra: “I’m scared you’re gonna be mad at me… You’re gonna be mad…” 

Mom: “No, I’m not gonna be mad at you. What you said you got on your face?”

Zahra: “I’m turning into a strawberry…” 

Mom: “And those are your seeds?”

Zahra: “Yep!” 

The hilarious video racked up nearly 1 million views on TikTok.

“She is the most beautiful perfect strawberry in existence. All other strawberries can stop now, she cannot be beat,” a person commented.

“This seems rather smart to me….impressive imagination….which is a cornerstone of intellect,” another said

“1000% the best answer,” someone added

“She’s gonna be a writer or an actress. This child is GOLD!” a user wrote

“My daughter got into my mascara at that age and got it everywhere. Instead of admitting it, she told me she was a squid that inked…” a TikToker shared

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