Toddler accidentally drops mom’s engagement ring into the ocean, causes ‘wild roller coaster of emotions’

toddler made her mother’s engagement proposal all the more memorable when she accidentally dropped the ring into the ocean. 

The hilarious moment inevitably went viral on TikTok after the bride-to-be Stephanie (who goes by @stephanieariana0) shared it. When her boyfriend Luke decided to pop the question, he wanted to include Stephanie’s daughter, Harpie. He knew the marriage would change both of their lives, so it only made sense that Harpie joined the proposal. But things took an unexpected turn. 


Had to tell Harpie that it was kissed by the fish and mermaids for goodluck 😅😂

♬ original sound – stephanieariana0

The proposal took place on a dock at a beach. Luke got down on one knee with Harpie standing in front of him. 

It was her job to open the ring box, and she did. She did her job so well that the ring fell out and slipped between the wooden boards. Fortunately, Luke was able to dive in and retrieve the diamond ring

“Yes he found the ring thankfully, it was a 6-meter jump into about 1 meter of water on low tide, adrenaline hit him hard. Everything turned out perfect,” Stephanie wrote in a comment

The video racked up 34 million views and 2.5 million likes on TikTok

“Note to self don’t propose on floor with crevices that will swallow ur ring,” someone said.  

“The way he ran, it must have been a few years pay check,” another joked.  

“This was such a wild roller coaster of emotions just watching,” a person commented

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