Dad has to sprint after toddlers when they make unexpected escape in toy car

This TikTok parent put a 20-volt battery in his kids’ ride-on toy car, but wasn’t prepared for just how fast the car would go!

Taylor Negley (@taynegley) is a parent and TikToker who shares adorable and frequently hilarious videos about her life as a parent. Taylor and her husband, Jon, both have a great sense of humor and love joking around with their kids. But the parents got more than they bargained for recently when Jon decided to replace a ride-on toy car’s battery with a 20-volt power tool battery. In the hilarious video, Jon chases after his kids as they take off in the surprisingly speedy car!

The video begins with a shot of the couple’s kids seated in a light green ride-on Fisher Price Jeep. One daughter sits in the driver’s seat clutching the wheel, while the couple’s son sits in the passenger seat, holding their other daughter on his lap. Jon stands in the grass watching his kids as they attempt to start the car. 

A caption reads, “When your dad switches out your Fisher Price battery for a 20-volt tool battery.” 

After a moment, the kids start their car. At first, they roll forward slowly. Jon watches from the grass, as the kids begin to cruise down the path that winds through the park. 

But soon, the car begins to pick up speed. In the blink of an eye, the kids are at the other end of the path. Jon, realizing the kids are about to disappear from sight, begins running after them. The video ends with Jon sprinting towards the speeding car as his kids, clearly having a great time, continue driving away from him. 

Viewers were cracking up at Taylor’s hilarious video!

“Kids were like, ‘We ride at dawn,’” one viewer joked.

“The running says, ‘urgency,’ but the hands in the pockets say, ‘no urgency at all,’” another viewer commented. 

“Why did he let them go so far?” another TikToker asked.

To which Taylor responded, “He was admiring his work before realizing how fast they were moving!”

Fortunately for the parents, no one was hurt, and the kids enjoyed their joy ride through the park! 

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