Toddler escapes crib with the help of his older siblings: ‘When did they make a ‘Rugrats’ live version?’

These siblings taught their brother how to escape from his crib, and it’s like watching a comedy! 

TikToker Jason B. Eadie (@4kidscallmedad) is a content creator and busy parent of 4 who’s accumulated a following of over 4.5 million TikTok users for his entertaining parenting videos. 

Recently, Eadie shared a video where two of his children, Brooklyn and Blake, help their younger brother, Bryson, escape from his crib, and it’s equal parts amusing and adorable!

The clip, which has 32 million views and counting, begins with baby monitor footage of Bryson sound asleep in his crib

Suddenly, his older brother, Blake, approaches the crib and asks the sleepy toddler, “Do you want to get out of your crib and come play with me?” 

“I can teach you. I’ll teach you,” Blake affirms, before telling his brother to lift his feet out of the crib and place them on a dresser situated next to the crib. 

“[Bryson], you have to step on this, okay?” Blake mentions, gesturing to the dresser. “Bryson, you want me to get you out?” he asks again through the bars of the crib

“No,” Bryson responds, still not fully awake. “I can get him,” his sister Brooklyn says, walking over. 

“You want out?” Brooklyn asks as Bryson begins to stand up in the crib. “Climb over this,” she says, gesturing to the side of the crib next to the dresser

“You got it. You’re a big boy,” Brooklyn encourages. As Bryson makes his way out of the crib, Brooklyn motions to Blake and tells him to watch. 

“You got this! Go, Bryson,” Blake cheers while Brooklyn gently pulls him down from the dresser. Once Bryson makes it safely onto the floor, he puts his glasses on with the help of his big brother and sister, and the trio are off on their adventures.

Viewers were beyond entertained by the children’s wholesome shenanigans. 

“When did they make a Rugrats live version?” one user joked. 

“You can’t even be mad, all them teaming up together to help,” noted one impressed TikToker. 

“Preview of their high school years sneaking out,” chimed in another viewer. 
While nap time might not be a priority for the adorable toddlers, they definitely excel when it comes to teamwork!

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