Toddler is convinced she’s an expert hula-hooper thanks to sweet dad

This doting dad came in with the assist during his daughter’s playtime hula-hoop session. 

Little Aubrey Turnipseed loves to dance. The 2-year-old was at the zoo one day with her parents Maya and Maurice Turnipseed. The Tampa, Fla., family had no idea Aubrey would become a viral sensation. Footage of Maurice spinning Aubrey’s hula-hoop for her spread like wildfire on the internet after Maya posted it on Instagram.  

In the clip, re-shared on the TikTok account @overtime, the toddler is surrounded by older kids who seem like expert hula-hoopers. To make sure she was included, the father spun a hula-hoop around Aubrey’s waist while she wiggled around like she was doing it. 

“We were at the zoo Sunday, and they have like a little DJ booth set up and hula-hoops on the ground for the kids,” Maya told Inside Edition. “And she saw some older kids hula-hooping. And she wanted to hula-hoop.” 

Maya had her back turned to answer a text, but when she looked back, Maurice was already there holding the hula-hoop. 

“I knew she was gonna want to go over there and try it out,” Maurice told Inside Edition. “So, she picked it up, so I just looked at it and started spinning it around her. Then she just started shaking like she was doing it herself. I just made sure I caught her before she did get frustrated.” 

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