TikToker captures all the ‘random’ places her baby falls asleep: ‘That has to be the oddest way to fall asleep’

TikTok parent @coenreign20 recently shared a video of their toddler, Coen, napping in some seriously strange places, and it had TikTokers cracking up! In the hilarious video, which has racked up 20 million views and counting, Coen dozes peacefully on the family dog and on a robot vacuum cleaner.

The video begins with a caption that reads, “Our son falls asleep in the most random places.” 

In the first shot, Coen is fast asleep lying on top of Mavis, the family dog. Mavis seems not to notice the toddler and stares contemplatively out the window, while Coen has his little body thrown across her back. Coen’s legs are outstretched behind him and his toes dig into the rug on one side of Mavis, while his arms are wrapped around her belly in a hug. Meanwhile, his head is pressed face down into the carpet as he snoozes. 

In the next shot, Coen slumbers atop a robot vacuum cleaner. The vacuum sits in the corner of the room, and Coen, wearing a striped blue shirt and red sweatpants, is sprawled out on top of it. His torso rests on the vacuum, while his knees and elbows are on the floor, and he rests his head atop his hands. The adorable toddler sleeps comfortably despite the hard plastic surface of the vacuum cleaner. 

In the third and final shot, Coen is once again asleep on top of Mavis. This time, Mavis lies on a dog bed beside a couch. She rests her head on her paws and, though she is not asleep, she sits very still, patiently letting the toddler sleep on top of her. Coen, meanwhile, has his legs kicked out over Mavis’ back and is slumbering facedown on the dog bed, his elbows digging into the loyal pup’s side.

‘The world’s most patient dog…’

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler and his patient canine companion!

“That dog is absolutely loyal, making sure he ain’t waking him up at all,” wrote one TikToker. 

“The world’s most patient dog,” another viewer commented. 

“He didn’t make it back to the charging station on time,” another TikToker joked. 

“I swear there’s legit zero difference [between] toddlers and drunk adults,” joked another viewer. 

Coen might choose silly places to sleep, but who can blame him? After all, it’s exhausting work being a baby!

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